Real estate and commodities are business sectors with continuously increasing demand
because they fulfill fundamental human needs in housing, work, food, health, and mobility.
They enable diversification, increase in value, are largely inflation-resistant, and
benefit from global economic trends.
While TIMBERFARM-Real-Estate in Germany primarily focuses on residential and commercial
profitability or strategic value.
properties, the company's international transactions are mainly aimed at high
The production, processing, and global trade of renewable agricultural raw materials
are at the core of TIMBERFARM's commodity business.

Competence and placement power

Investment management at TIMBERFARM has developed and placed an investment volume to the tune of 120 million euros since 2010. TIMBERFARM only invests in its core competency of rubber. Thanks to many years of proven experience in this area, the various investments and investment properties are managed professionally and successfully by experts possessing experience and considerable know-how. The founding family has been active in this sector for close to fifty years.

The investments developed and placed to date include the areas of

- Purchasing and trading with suitable agricultural and industrial land

- Establishing and managing rubber plantations (just under 2,500 hectares)

- Construction and commissioning of a rubber factory to manufacture industrial rubber standard products (processing capacity up to 30,000 tons per year)

- Setting up a trade organization for the purpose of procuring, purchasing, and selling raw rubber, rubber standard products, and other renewable agricultural commodities.

A team of advisors and experts acts as an interface between the investment properties, on the one hand, and the clients and investors, on the other. The team members possess a great deal of experience and knowledge about rubber and raw materials as well as about the investment business and thus can provide sound advice about the private and institutional investment market.

Investment management at TIMBERFARM is in a position to annually place an investment volume of 10 to 15 million euros in the private investor area. Moreover, the profit center has been working together since 2016 with a number of institutional investors like banks, pension funds, and family offices, whose annual potential accounts for much of this.


Investors, clients, and interested parties


“TIMBERFARM Kautschuk News” reports every two months on the activities of all of TIMBERFARM‘s business and investment areas and at the same time recaps the most important events and developments in the rubber, tire, automotive, and wood markets It reaches over 20,000 registered interested readers. Around 2,500 of them are active investors.