Real estate and commodities are business sectors with continuously increasing demand
because they fulfill fundamental human needs in housing, work, food, health, and mobility.
They enable diversification, increase in value, are largely inflation-resistant, and
benefit from global economic trends.
While TIMBERFARM-Real-Estate in Germany primarily focuses on residential and commercial
profitability or strategic value.
properties, the company's international transactions are mainly aimed at high
The production, processing, and global trade of renewable agricultural raw materials
are at the core of TIMBERFARM's commodity business.

TIMBERFARM – Project and investment management

The corporate division of investment management headquartered in Düsseldorf can indeed by referred to as the head of the TIMBERFARM group of companies. In addition to managing the investment properties from all of TIMBERFARM’s divisions which include properties, nurseries, rubber plantations, rubber factories, and trade (TIMBERFARM manages and is responsible for all operative businesses singlehandedly), headquarters in Düsseldorf also oversees the development, placement, and management of various products for the capital and financial markets. These include securities, asset investments, and direct investments, which are geared to institutional and private investors in the EU area.


With the investment products exclusively in TIMBERFARM’s area of specialization, two goals are pursued:

For one, TIMBERFARM investors and clients are supposed to be given long- and mid-term, but also short-term financial instruments which generate the highest possible yields with the lowest risks. For another, the funds of these financial instruments support TIMBERFARM’s growth strategy, which, in turn, enhances the so-called *SWOT profile of the financial instruments themselves. The more successful, knowledgeable, transparent, stronger and more significant the operator and people in charge of the financial instruments and investment properties are, the more favorable the SWOT analysis is, and the better the ratio is between risk and return. SWOT is an English acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

All capital and financial market products developed and placed by TIMBERFARM comply with the German Asset Investment Act or the German Securities Act and are officially authorized.


*SWOT profiles and analyses are prepared to assess and rate the economic potential of investments or strategies.