Real estate and commodities are business sectors with continuously increasing demand
because they fulfill fundamental human needs in housing, work, food, health, and mobility.
They enable diversification, increase in value, are largely inflation-resistant, and
benefit from global economic trends.
While TIMBERFARM-Real-Estate in Germany primarily focuses on residential and commercial
profitability or strategic value.
properties, the company's international transactions are mainly aimed at high
The production, processing, and global trade of renewable agricultural raw materials
are at the core of TIMBERFARM's commodity business.

At a glance

TIMBERFARM is an internationally operating commodities raw material and investment management group founded in Düsseldorf by the Breidenstein family, an entrepreneurial family that has been active in the rubber and tire industries for almost fifty years now. Production, processing, and trade of and with raw materials, mainly for the rubber industry – but increasingly for other industries which process renewable raw materials – are the group’s main areas of entrepreneurial interest.

In order to take advantage of synergies, and, in doing so, to enhance economic development and profitability, TIMBERFARM is organized into different divisions and profit centers, which are fine tuned to work together closely. In particular, these are:


Commodity Trading

Global and regional procurement and trade of and with rubber and other renewable agricultural commodities (GloReg)  


Rubber Production and Processing

Cultivating, operating, and harvesting rubber plantations for our own account and on behalf of third parties, producing rubber and rubberwood, processing and refining the raw materials to industrial intermediate goods


Management of Agricultural and Industrial Land

Development and trade of and with agricultural and industrial land (TIMBERFARM Assets AG, TFA)


Investment Management

Development and placement of financial market instruments for institutional investors and private investors

TIMBERFARM has been acting as an investment and project manager for investments to the tune of around 120 million euros. The funds come from equity and reinvested profits and especially from direct investments and publicly placed financial instruments like asset investments or bonds.

TIMBERFARM is continually improving its sustainable and environmentally-sound rubber production in Panama, in other countries of Latin America, and in various regions in Africa. Global commodity trading with an annual trading volume of close to US$ 100 million dollars, on the one hand, as well as the management of agricultural and industrial land, on the other, are among the fastest growing and most successful business sectors.