Real estate and commodities are business sectors with continuously increasing demand
because they fulfill fundamental human needs in housing, work, food, health, and mobility.
They enable diversification, increase in value, are largely inflation-resistant, and
benefit from global economic trends.
While TIMBERFARM-Real-Estate in Germany primarily focuses on residential and commercial
profitability or strategic value.
properties, the company's international transactions are mainly aimed at high
The production, processing, and global trade of renewable agricultural raw materials
are at the core of TIMBERFARM's commodity business.

Rubber trade - GloReg

GloReg (completely: Global & Regional Sourcing and Trading) is the internationally active TIMBERFARM commodities department, which was established in mid-2018 and since then has ensured a growing and successful commodities trading business with a top-class and experienced trading team.

The raw materials traded by GloReg primarily comprise the entire range of raw and standardized rubber raw materials. A large proportion of the goods purchased originate from African production countries, especially the Ivory Coast, and are sold to Asian and Latin American rubber factories which can no longer  meet the demand for processed rubber products from the processing industry, especially the tire and automotive industries, with locally grown natural rubber.

Commodity trading is a demanding business. Controlled purchasing and sales processes by experienced and proven traders are essential for business success. To enable TIMBERFARM customers and investors to participate at least indirectly in this lucrative business, the company issued two smaller corporate bonds at attractive conditions last year. Among other things, this has resulted in trading revenues of over USD 25 million within a good twelve months.

In order to be able to fully exploit the existing potential and at the same time develop additional sales markets, TIMBERFARM is currently preparing a larger securities bond. In short to medium term, GloReg trading turnover should thus increase to USD 150 to 250 million.

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